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A Development Success Story --- Gary DiCamillo, Chairman of a Billion Dollar Imaging Corporation had a problem. He had a Graphics Imaging Division with a product that looked great in the R&D Lab that didn't appear to be able to be developed in the time he needed to sell this division. The division with that product was worth Tens of Millions of Dollars more that it was worth without it!

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Software Results  - Helps their clients get their software based products out on time ... for a change! -- by delivering 4 services:

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I have paraphrased the Words of Peter Glenn, Author of the book It's Not My Department. 'Find out what the customer wants, and how they want it, and give it to them just that way!'.   

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Bob Podd has operated his independent Consulting Firm, Software Results for over 30 years

Bob has  associated with: National Speakers Association, Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), Society of Professional Consultants (SPC), IEEE Consultant's Network (IEEE/CN), and the  Boston Investors Group (B.I.G.)

The basic reputation is in Getting Quality Software Out on time ... for a change!

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